It is legal to remove a boot from your car using the ATL boot key.


City Ordinance: Review the full ordinance for yourself


Atlanta News First Story: 

A section of the city’s ordinance states, “in the event that the owner or operator of a vehicle, to which an immobilization device has been applied, attempts to operate said vehicle or remove the device, then the vehicle immobilization service is not liable for any damage to that vehicle. Additionally, the owner, driver or person in charge of the vehicle will be liable to the vehicle immobilization service for the cost of damage to the vehicle immobilization device.”


Criminal Damage to Property 2nd Degree:

Georgia law O.C.G.A.

Intentionally damage any property of another person without their consent, and the damage, therefore, exceeds $500.00; or. Recklessly or intentionally, by means of fire or explosive, damages property of another person.


Georgia Code 16-8-5 (2020): 

A person commits the offense of theft of services when by deception and with the intent to avoid payment he knowingly obtains services, accommodations, entertainment, or the use of personal property which is available only for compensation. (Code 1933, § 26-1807, enacted by Ga.


Theft By Taking: 

Georgia defines theft by taking as occurring when a person unlawfully takes or, being in lawful possession thereof, unlawfully appropriates any property of another with the intention of depriving him of the property, regardless of the manner in which property is taken or appropriated. O.C.G.A. §16-8-2.